An integrated drone service provider based in Brisbane, Australia

We provide drone light show performance, drone operation, programming course training, professional industry drone sales and service, and other drone-related business expansion.

We are the world record breaker

Our light show team has set and break various Guiness World Record, including the highest number of drones (5164) taking off at the same time.

Taking businesses to new height

Our services and products are the result of high-end technology industrialization by first class scientific research. You can therefore rely on the highly intelligent vehicle system to do the job for you including surveys, inspections and patrols. 



Drone Solutions

Borderpatrols, emergency rescue, power inspections, aerial surveying and mapping and money more

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Drone Light Show

Present a 3D light show in the night sky



Commercial UAVs

A long-endurance hybrid UV and a highly intelligent vehicle system

Interstellar X60 six-axis oil-to-power multi-rotor drone is coming

—8 rotors, 100mins with 50KG payload.

Drone Education: Coming Soon

Coming soon